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Fall/Winter Soups

While many soups are wonderful year round, these soups are specifically created for the cooler months of Fall and Winter.
Cugino's Chicken Noodle Soup
Cugino's Chili Fixin's Mix
Cugino's French Onion Soup
D.L. Jardine's Texas Chili Bag O' Fixins Kit
Regular Price: $5.99
On Sale For: $5.49
D.L. Jardines Texas Chili Works
Regular Price: $4.99
On Sale For: $4.09
Delicae Gourmet Mediterranean Lamb Shanks
Desert Gardens Ranch House Chili Mix
Fodmapped For You Roasted Pumpkin Soup
Regular Price: $10.49
On Sale For: $8.99
Frontier Chicago Bistro French Onion Soup Mix
Frontier Texas Wrangler Black Bean Soup Mix
Gayle's Gourmet Hearty Black Bean Chili
Regular Price: $13.00
On Sale For: $11.75