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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get your soups locally?

​We are not the manufacturer of the items we sell so we have no idea who else offers the lines we carry. We suggest you either contact the manufacturer directly or call around to stores in your area. Better yet, since you are already here, save your time and gas money and just buy from us!

Do you have contact information for the companies you represent?

In some cases, yes. But in other cases, we work through distributors or brokers and have limited or no direct contact with the manufacturers we offer. We recommend going directly to the manufacturer’s website if you need to contact them directly.

Do you offer quantity discounts?

Yes, our shipping. While many companies charge full retail shipping rates that go up the more you order, we offer a low flat rate shipping cost that is often much lower than our actual shipping cost. Whether you buy 1 item or 20 items, your shipping cost is the same and so your shipping cost per item goes down the more you buy. And if your order is over $79.99 and being shipped to the lower 48 states, you qualify for free shipping. 

Can I ship items in one order to multiple shipping addresses?

No, we offer flat rate shipping (and free shipping on orders over $79.99) on a per address basis. 

How far out are the best by dates?

Often times up to or over two years. And since we turn over inventory at such a high rate, you can be assured that you are getting fresh merchandise.

I found something in my pantry that is past the best by date, is it still OK?

Probably – it just might not taste as good. You see, spices and dehydrated ingredients tend to loose potency over time. This is the reason for ‘best by’ dates – more for quality than for safety. The terms ‘use by’ or ‘expires’ are used in cases where food safety is concerned. 

Are the soups you offer easy to prepare?

Mostly. While some soups require additional ingredients or more preparation then others, many simply require the addition of water. We have a special section that lists simple soups. Many mixes allow you to add ingredients to “doctor” up the soup. Our detailed descriptions will help you decide which soups are right for you.

How much do these soup mixes make?

Most mixes make quite a bit (6-10 servings) – enough for a meal for four or a soup for eight. We also have a nice selection of single serving soup mixes that are great for lunches or to sample different varieties. You can view the amount of servings on each soup in the Nutritional Facts label of each soup description.

Are the soups you offer healthy?

Overall, soups are a healthy food, however much is in the preparation. For instance, out of the box, a bean soup might be low calorie, low fat, low cholesterol, low sodium and high fiber. But it might suggest the addition of sausage and a garnish of cheese and a dollop of sour cream – not so healthy anymore. We have included full Nutritional Facts at the bottom of all of our product pages so you can make sure you are getting a soup that fits your dietary needs.

Do the items you sell contain allergens?

Some do and most are prepared in facilities that handle allergens. When provided to us by the manufacturer, we have included allergen warnings on product listings. We also list the ingredients of each mix. Some vendor provided information may not be complete so if you are unsure, please contact the manufacturer directly.