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Carroll Shelby's

Whether he was tinkering under the hood of a car or over a pot of chili, Carroll Shelby's bold creativity and passion for performance always left people wanting more.  Racecar legend Carroll Shelby transformed 200,000 acres of mining ghost town into sacred Texas ground:  the first-ever chili cook-off at Terlingua.  What began as a non-stop party of fire-breathing chiliheads morphed into an annual, International Chili Society world-famous championship, and Shelby and fellow judge C.V. Wood founded the International Chili Society (ICS).

But while everybody else at those cook-offs was fussin' and wranglin' over who claimed the best chili recipe, Shelby knew the simple Chili Kit Bagtruth: that it really only matters to the person who's eating it.  Ever the entrepreneur, he began giving away his own chili fixings, handing the stuff out in brown paper bags he designed over a friend's kitchen table.  His customizable concoction grew so popular that by the sixth ICS cook-off, "Carroll Shelby's Original Chili Kit BoxTexas Chili Kit" was on the market.  Today you'll find Shelby's four-part Chili Kit in a box, still imbued with original Texas flair and his original philosophy: "It's what you want when you make it.  You can put in anything you feel like at the time...make it one way one time, another time, a little different. Make it up to suit your mood."
Carroll Shelby's Chili Kit