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Arroyo Kitchen Rose Oolong Tea

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Arroyo Kitchen Rose Oolong Tea is brewed from the dried leaves of the Camellia Sinensis bush blended with real rose flowers. Oolong tea is semi-oxidized and contains a unique malty and smokey flavor. Our tea blend has a full rosy taste and aroma that matches the visual beauty of rose buds brewing offering a flowery aroma and a lightly sweet taste. Includes 5 tea bags. Net Wt. 0.7 oz

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Ingredients: Oolong Tea, Rose Flower.

Each tea package comes with five individual tea bags. The tea bag material is PLA (bioplastic) created from corn fiber. With a low melting point our bioplastic tea bags can withstand hot brew temperatures and are biodegradable after one year! 

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Weight 0.08 lbs


Arroyo Kitchen

Choosing good food is the key to healthy living. Everything we put into our bodies can be used as poison or prevention. That's why Arroyo Kitchen carefully sources ingredients with honesty, and provides creative ways to enjoy delicious and healthy food – without breaking the bank. Arroyo Kitchen is a women-owned, private company located in Los Angeles, California. Their products are carefully sourced throughout the world from Taiwan to Italy. Their main goal is to extend the creativity of international food culture into our everyday lifestyle and onto the dining table.


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