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Gourmet du Village Burnt Caramel Latte

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Burnt Caramel Latte flavor Gourmet Instant Coffee single serve pouches. A long overdue addition to the Gourmet du Village line, so easy to make and so much flavor in every steaming mug. No need for fussing with a noisy coffee machine, just add boiling water, stir and enjoy. This Gourmet du Village Burnt Caramel Latte is great for on-the-go occasions, work, camping or other outdoor activities, or when you simply want a quick pick-me up. 1.2 oz single serving packet

In Stock
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How to Prepare: Place instant coffee mix in a mug. Add 170-230 ml (6-8 oz) boiling water and stir well. Makes 1 mug.

Ingredients: Sugars (sugar, corn syrup solids), Modified milk ingredients (whey protein concentrate, dairy product solids, sodium caseinate), Coconut oil, Instant Coffee, Dipotassium phosphate, Mono- and diglycerides, Natural and artificial flavor, Silicon dioxide, Turmeric, Annatto. Contains: Coconut, Milk.

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Weight 0.09 lbs


Gourmet du Village


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