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Louisiana Pepper Exchange Ghost Pepper Puree

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Ghost pepper is scary hot – a little goes a long way! Don’t let the heat fool you, though; yes, it’s a hot one, but it also has a delicious, fresh flavor when added to salsas, mixed into bloody Marys, or even added to a wing sauce. This Louisiana Pepper Exchange Ghost Pepper Puree is ready to use, right out of the jar, but be careful! It’s got a serious kick. 4 oz

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One of the hottest peppers in the world, when combined with the right recipe, its naturally sweet, fruity flavor shines. A little goes a long way!
Only two, all natural ingredients – ghost peppers and a pinch of salt!
Easy and convenient flavor – No more chopping peppers! If you like the convenience of minced garlic, you will love our pepper puree!
Natural, zero calorie, gluten free
Perfect for homemade hot sauces, Indian/Southeast Asian cuisine, creamy desserts or easy mix-ins to salsas and BBQ sauces
Perfect Pairings: Sweet barbecue sauces, Blueberries (try a Ghost Pepper Blueberry Milkshake)

Ingredients: Red Jolokia Pepper, Salt

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Weight 0.51 lbs


Louisiana Pepper Exchange


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