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While our staff is very knowledgeable and helpful, some inquiries need to be directed to the manufacturer. Here are a few tips that based on our experience will save you some time:

Where can you find an item locally?
Can't find it in your area? Here are some tips:

  1. Contact the manufacturer. This can be a pitfall that could have you spending hours fruitlessly chasing around town because often times, manufacturers have location information that is out dated or incomplete. For instance, they might sell to stores in Arizona through a distributor that works with Kroger owned stores. Half of the stores might carry the line, but the manufacturer might have no idea which ones. Likewise, a line that includes 20 items might have only a portion of those items at a store. Information in databases might be years out dated as well. Our advice: contact the manufacturer (see contact info below for some of the brands we offer), but use the information they give you as a lead.
  2. Contact local retailers. If you get some leads from contacting the manufacturer, call local retailers in your area to verify that they have the exact item you are looking for in stock and if they do, ask them if they will hold it for you before you make the trip.
  3. You're already here, save your time and gas money and just buy it from us! We have low flat rate shipping - just $5.99 for orders up to $79.99. Orders over $79.99 ship free! In addition to the particular item you are looking for, you might find other favorites or discover some new favorites from our more than 2,000 offerings.

A soup we offer has too much sodium, MSG, artificial ingredients, etc.
Many brands that we carry have ingredients that might not be right for everyone. This is why we make exhaustive efforts to include as much information as possible on our product listings including ingredients and nutrition panels. When shopping with us, we want you to be able to have access to the same information you would have holding the product in your hand. In addition, we offer a multitude of options for those looking for low sodium, gluten freevegetarian, organic, kosher, etc. If you have a complaint regarding ingredients in an item, please direct it to the manufacturer (see contact info below for some of the brands we offer) and then explore our website for other alternatives that are more suitable for you.

An item you purchased tastes bad or is defective in some way.
If you purchased the item from, please get in touch with us. Otherwise, we recommend you contact the place you purchased the item from or contact the manufacturer.

Here is contact information for some of the more popular brands that we offer:

Bear Creek
Better Than Bouillon
Buckeye Bean
Canterbury Naturals
Crock Pot
Maggie & Mary's
Mrs. Dash
Mrs. Wages
Orrington Farms
Plentiful Pantry
Shore Lunch
Southeastern Mills

If the brand you are looking for is not listed above, do a search on the internet to find the manufacturer's website. Note that some brands are owned by a larger company that might not have a website for each of their brand names and so the website might not seem to match the brand name. Though rare, some companies simply do not have an online presence.