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Soup Fundraising Program

Soups Online is happy to be able to help schools, churches and other non-profit groups with a unique, easy and profitable fundraising program.

Our program includes a terrific selection of our proven best selling soups from a number of soup producers including Wind & Willow, Maggie and Mary's, Plentiful Pantry, Leonard Mountain and Laurie's Kitchen. These selections include a line up of 20 items with a nice variety of soups so that there is something for everyone. Most mixes simply require the addition of water. All items are the same price for easy selling and accounting. You set the flat sale price and determine your margin which typically varies between 37% and 50%.

In addition to being a nicely profitable fundraiser, we also offer (optionally, at your discretion) a discount coupon to your customers if they order directly from us in the six months after the fundraiser. This not only serves as an incentive for people to reorder soup, it also allows us to track these orders back to you and send you a percentage of the sales at the end of the six month period. (note: our fundraising program is completely unbranded in the absence of this residual referral option).

Our program is easy from an administration perspective and we provide sales tips and support to help your fundraiser be as successful and profitable as possible.

Please contact us toll free at 866-641-SOUP (7687) or via email at

Check out our current soup fundraiser brochure (front/back):